Adam Thompson: Labour candidate for Amber Valley

Adam Thompson

Manifesto cover

The Labour manifesto is out, and it is brilliant

I couldn’t be prouder to stand on our 2019 manifesto, which contains the most radical set of policies the UK has ever seen.

We will fight for a green industrial revolution, rebuild our public services, tackle poverty and inequality, give a final say on Brexit and deliver a new internationalism.

This election will shape our country for a generation. It is your opportunity to transform our country, so that it works not just for a few, but for all of us. It
is a chance to deliver the real change Britain needs. This manifesto sets out how a Labour government will do that.

Our next prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn, said “It’s time for real change – for the many, not the few. Together, we can deliver.”

I’m particularly proud that the manifesto contains a little of my own contribution from the Scientists for Labour policy group that I lead – Labour is a member-led organisation that champions the idea that anyone can contribute to national policy.

Following our recommendation, Labour has supported a target for 3% of GDP to be spent on research and development (R&D) by 2030. As part of our plan to usher in a Green Industrial Revolution, we will create an innovation nation by increasing direct support for R&D and reforming the innovation ecosystem to better ‘crowd in’ private investment.

This is the most incredible manifesto, and I can’t wait to take it onto the doorsteps in Amber Valley.

Read the full manifesto here