Adam Thompson: Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Erewash

Adam Thompson

My Pledges

Adam, chatting to local residents in Ilkeston As your candidate to be the next MP for Erewash, here are my pledges to you.

Adam talking to a Sateba UK employee, wearing high vis jackets and hard hats, in a factory

Boost apprenticeships and manufacturing

In my day job, I teach engineering apprentices at the University of Nottingham. I’ve worked there for a decade, specialising in metrology research and training the next generation of world-leading manufacturing engineers.

Going to university is fantastic for lots of young people, but it’s not for everyone. Every day, I see how our apprentices benefit from an education focused on building practical skills, knowledge and behaviours. This approach works better for them, and for their future employers. We also need to make sure that apprenticeships and similar courses are expanded, to allow adults to re-train and grow their skillsets throughout their lives. That’s why the next Labour government will transform apprenticeships, giving employers the flexibility they need to ensure their workforce is fit for the future.

As a manufacturing specialist, I know the strength of our industrial base in the East Midlands. As one of our region’s biggest employers, we make things here that no-one else in the world can – from sofas to lace, and from jet engines to submarines. As your MP, I’ll work for more investment so we can make more things here every single day. We need a new era of excellent technical colleges, offering high-quality apprenticeships and training opportunities tailored for our area.

The only way out of our country’s current difficulties is growth. To achieve that, we need to make more things, and higher skill sets so we can make better things. With growth comes better job opportunities and with those, better lives.

Adam, standing in front of a half-built house in Long Eaton

Put money back in your pocket

If I hear one thing more than anything from local residents, it’s that the cost of living crisis has cut through to all people in every part of Erewash. Over the last few years, utility bills have shot through the roof, and mortgages have exploded, leaving us all worse off. My own mortgage bill went up by more than £200 a month last summer.

For decades, this country has failed to build the homes people need, sending prices sky-high. Funding for local councils has been cut deep, leaving our roads and vital public services in disarray. Here, in Erewash, your local Labour council has been forced to make tough decisions, but in doing so has successfully steadied the ship. Within a year of taking office, the council’s budget deficit of £1.4 million has been reduced to zero. This proves Labour’s commitment to financial responsibility, that having already delivered locally, we will deliver in government after the next general election.

By changing the planning system, we can break through the Tories backlog of unbuilt homes and revive the dream of home ownership for everyone. By getting Britain building again, we can get the economy back on its feet, bringing the cost of living down. By working with our new Mayor of the East Midlands, Claire Ward, I will push to fix our roads, modernise our infrastructure, and better connect our communities with buses, trains, and trams.

Adam at the skate park on West Park.

Crack down on crime and antisocial behaviour

Under the Tories, our local police force has been cut to the bone. We’ve all seen it – shops on Bath Street spray-painted and smashed up, people in balaclavas careening down our high streets on motorbikes, stabbings in our villages. I’ve had conversations with people who have been the victims of the most horrific crimes, and it makes me sick.

We need to get tough on crime. I have discussed our local issues at length with Labour’s front bench team and our new Derbyshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Nicolle Ndiweni. I will work closely with them, as your MP, to take the fight to criminals and halt rampant antisocial behaviour in our communities. Labour has pledged to put 13,000 new police officers back on our streets, and I will press my colleagues every day to make Erewash safe again. We need more, regular police patrols, with officers you know and trust, who apply an absolute zero-tolerance approach to antisocial behaviour.

Nothing is more shameful than violence against women and girls. Labour is committed to tackling it, promising new domestic abuse and rape investigation specialists to make our streets safe again. I have also been deeply upset by the decline in local youth services over the past decade. We need to greatly reduce knife crime and, to do that, we need to take a tougher approach not just against criminals, but also tackle the root causes of crime. Labour’s Young Futures programme will be an investment in supporting our young people and blocking the path to youth crime.

Adam, holding a clipboard, talking to someone on a doorstep.

An MP you can rely on

Time and time again, people tell me they simply cannot get a hold of our current MP. An email can take weeks, if not months, to get a response, if you get a reply at all. Our MP is rarely seen on the street, on the doorsteps, nor out and about.

It’s time we had an MP who is really in touch with the local community. As a candidate, my team and I speak to over a thousand people a month, every month, all year round. I believe that, if I want to be a decent representative, it’s my duty to engage all the time, having proper conversations about the things that matter. I give everyone my phone number (07595 873437, if you need it), because we need an MP you can reach and rely on to act when needed. When I receive emails, I get always get back as quickly as I can and with a proper response, usually within a day. It’s, if you need me.

As your MP, I’ll keep doing this – go to every community event I can, knock on doors every week, speak to local businesses, and stay on top of my emails and my letters. If you have a question, you deserve an answer. If you need my help, I’ll be there.

Adam talking to people on the high street in Long Eaton

Revive our town centres

Spend five minutes talking to people on the doorstep or in Facebook groups in Ilkeston and Long Eaton, and you’ll find someone (quite rightly) lamenting how our town centres have been treated. Forgotten high streets with empty units, outdated street furniture – totally left behind.

I’m really proud that some local residents have taken this matter into their own hands, working with shop owners to bring empty units back into use. As your MP, I want to work directly with the community groups set-up to support our town centres. But while these efforts are incredible, there are substantial barriers: absentee landlords who won’t sell up, the unfair business rates system, and a London-centric government that doesn’t care. We need new legislation that supports local businesses, makes the changes we need to bring our town centres back to life and gives the funding we need to make our high streets fit for the future.

Labour has a plan to power up Britain, and our town centres and high streets with it. First and foremost, we’ll cut the Whitehall red tape and put decisions back in the hands of local communities, where people know what really needs to be done. We’ll introduce Community Right to Buy, so we can break down the barriers to filling our empty shops. And we’ll scrap the current system of business rates in favour of a new, fairer system, levelling the playing field between local businesses and online giants.