Adam Thompson: Labour candidate for Amber Valley

Adam Thompson

I've been selected as the Derbyshire County Council candidate for Breaston!

I’m really pleased to be able to announce that I’ve been selected as Labour’s candidate for Breaston in the Derbyshire County Council elections this May.

​While we may not always all agree in politics, we can probably all agree on one thing in this election: it’s been an incredibly tough year for us all. As your Labour County Councillor, I want to build back better after this pandemic year. I want to work for you, to ensure that you get a good deal on the County Council. This year has seen ballooning inequality across the country, and people like you are being ignored at every level of UK Government. We have seen billions of pounds of our money wasted by Conservative administrations across the country, paying millions to their friends while refusing to give our heroes in the NHS a proper pay rise.

The local Conservatives’ dogmatic bid to build on our green spaces threatens our local community, with vanity project after vanity project and damage to our environment. As your County Councillor, I commit to ensuring development of our community in ways that promote the green agenda and defend local people, basing our policy decisions in evidence and calm, objective thinking, instead of misguided ideology.

​In the last ten years, Conservative budget cuts have taken a great toll on our communities, with recent commitments to hiring more police officers barely papering over the cracks that have opened up in the last decade. Funding for apprenticeships is non-existent, and youth services have been cut to the bone.

I support Labour’s commitment to providing a high quality policing service to everyone in Derbyshire, and support calls for more funding for policing and other public services. A Labour County Council will ensure our tax money will be spent on local services for local people, not on overpaid consultants. We will end the outsourcing of jobs to external agencies and private companies.

The Conservatives’ era of failure has to end, and local people have to be put first. A vote for Labour is a vote to support and reward our key workers – it’s time to show them that we’re incredibly grateful for their efforts in the past year, to give them the pay rises they deserve and to end cuts to and closures of the public institutions they work in.​​

If we have learned one thing in the past year, it is to be more kind to each other and to our communities. As your County Councillor, I will fight for a better deal for all of us.