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Adam Thompson

Bus service cuts in Erewash

An open letter to TrentBarton regarding upcoming bus service cuts

This morning, I have written to TrentBarton regarding concerns about upcoming cuts to bus services in and around Erewash. My letter is as follows:

Dear TrentBarton,

I was deeply saddened to hear of the planned modifications to bus schedules in Erewash and the surrounding areas to come into effect in October, which circulated on social media yesterday evening. During discussions online, I have had several members of the community in Erewash contact me regarding the cuts to services, with the withdrawal of the my15 service between Ilkeston and Long Eaton after 7pm and services between Ilkeston and the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham highlighted as particular causes for concern. These services are considered vital for residents in Erewash, particularly for older and more vulnerable members of the community, who rely on TrentBarton services to get around.

I note that residents of Kirk Hallam in Ilkeston will be particularly affected following the withdrawal of the number 21, with residents now expected to catch three buses to Nottingham and the Queen’s Medical Centre, potentially with three separate bus fares. Removal of the skylink service between East Midlands Gateway and Loughborough will now also effectively cut smaller villages off from the surrounding towns, which I fear will substantially affect the local economy when residents are unable to access the towns for shopping etc.

Particular concerns were also raised by the community in regards to a perceived lack of consultation and communication with the community regarding these cuts to services. I would appreciate if you were able to answer a few questions regarding the changes proposed:

1. What public consultation has been undertaken regarding these changes, and have impact assessments been performed to evaluate the impact on communities in Erewash and the surrounding areas?

2. Are the results of any consultation and impact assessment publicly available, and if so, can you please provide access?

3. There is deep concern that these cuts been announced particularly quietly and not widely published – I cannot find clear explanation of these changes in the news section of your website, for example. Can you provide some information about how the modifications to the service have been announced?

4. Can you confirm cost changes and journey time changes for our community in Erewash to get to the Queen’s Medical Centre, following the service modifications?

I would appreciate if you could respond to me queries as soon as possible.

Best wishes
Adam Thompson
Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Erewash