Adam Thompson: Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Erewash

Adam Thompson

Adam, talking to local residents in front of a sign saying "Grange Primary School & Nursery"

Breaking down Erewash's barriers to opportunity in education

As the Labour candidate for Erewash in the upcoming general elections, I am committed to supporting Labour’s plan to break down the barriers to opportunity in education.

Labour has changed. Labour’s commitment to creating a fairer society and expanding opportunities resonates deeply here in Erewash. As the Labour candidate for the upcoming parliamentary elections, I believe that everyone in our community deserves the chance to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Labour will spread opportunity to all parts of the country at every age and every stage.
  • Early Years: the best start in life. Childcare is important not just because it helps parents to work, but to give every child the best possible start in life. That is why Labour will improve the quality of provision, and work with local authorities to boost the availability of childcare in places where provision is inadequate. At the same time, we will develop vital communication and maths skills early so that every child can find their voice and build the foundations for a brilliant education.
  • School: Preparing young people for work and life. Evidence shows that improving teacher quality is the most significant factor to improving children’s outcomes. To ensure rising standards in all our schools, we will tackle the chronic staffing crisis in schools by recruiting thousands more teachers particularly in shortage subjects like science and maths. We will reform Ofsted so it gives parents better information, with a scorecard that values breadth and not just a single headline grade. At the same time, we will reform the curriculum and assessment system so that speaking skills are taken as seriously as reading and writing, creativity and problem solving are woven throughout and young people have the digital skills needed to thrive. We will tackle the attendance crisis, ensuring children enjoy and want to be in school again. We will provide the mental health support to back this up and to boost the wellbeing of young people, many of whom still suffering the effects of lockdown. We will ensure all primary children have free breakfast clubs that set them up for the day – so that no child starts the day hungry and there is a safe space to be supported with friends.
  • Further Education and Lifelong learning. Retraining and up-skilling will need to be locally based and tailored to the needs of each community – plumbers to fit new heat pumps, engineers to lead the application of AI, solar power fitters to harness renewables. That’s why we are setting up new Technical Excellence Colleges in all parts of the country so people have the specialist skills local businesses need. And it’s why we are transforming the Apprenticeship levy to give employers the flexibility they need to train their workforce in new and relevant skills.

Labour’s vision for education in Erewash is one of opportunity and prosperity for all. By investing in our children’s futures, revitalising our schools, and promoting lifelong learning, we will build a stronger, fairer, and more inclusive community for generations to come. Join us in shaping a better future for Erewash.

Adam, delivering a talk to a room full of young people